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Elle - Me Myself and Her

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Elle - Me Myself and Her

Hello & Welcome 

It starts here...

Thank You for visiting my page. You've likely been struggling for some time now but just getting here is the start of your journey to the new you.

You can totally overcome your unhealthy food habits and stop beating yourself up. On top of that you can lose unwanted weight without having to diet....

Does food consume your life?

Do you label days good and bad?

Do you calorie count?

Do you keep starting diets only to fail them?

Do you feel out of control with food?

Is your relationship with food and your body holding you back from your dreams and relationships?

Do you put off social occasions?

Do you emotionally eat?

Do you Binge eat?

If any of the above relates to you then you are in the best place,.

trust me I've been there! 

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. You have to feel at rock bottom and completely exhausted in order to seek help and come back up.

97% of diets don't work as you've probably experienced so are you going to continue to keep trying the next new diet and continue to get the same results?


You could try something different, a good different.

No diets, no rules, no taking things away from your life.

Its time to invest in yourself!


How much money do you spend on junk food, takeaways, clothes you don't need or amazon deliveries? Put that money into something that will better you beyond belief.

My 12 Week Programme

12 weeks to a new you

ME, MYSELF & HER is a 12 week transformational programme which incorporates Intuitive Eating, finding food freedom,  and falling back in love with yourself again.

You will receive 12 x 121 sessions, 12 x work modules, a weekly check in and lifetime access into a Facebook community with like minded ladies who are all on the same journey.

You will cover off nutrition, intuitive eating, finding your purpose, getting to the root of the cause, healing, learning new habits, getting rid of old habits, a 360 on your life and so much more!!

If you are in any doubt check out my testimonials in the 'Client Success Stories'.

Will the next 12 weeks be the ones where you decided to change your life for good?

You decide!

It is not going to be easy and if you are prepared to work hard on yourself, you can be free from:

- Feeling out of control around food

- Body shaming 

- Constant Failure

- Continuous Dieting

- Being victim of 'all or nothing' mentality

- Negative self-belief

- Binge/Emotional Eating

- Obsessing over food

- restricting your life

Just imagine what you could achieve if you were able to channel that negative energy around food, and turn it into positive energy elsewhere in your life!?!

The women who have been through the 12 week program have reported how:

  • Their body confidence has rocketed

  • Their relationships with their partners, children, friends and colleagues have all improved

  • Their self-care and self-love is now priority

  • some have found the strength to make bold moves in quoting jobs they hate and relationships that did'nt serve them anymore.

I was so nervous to start the 12 week programme because I knew I had some deep rooted issues I had to face up to. I have always struggled to invest money into myself but following my first session I was confident this was money well spent. If it wasn't for Elle my life would be so different right now, I am free and living my best life. I am even dating again which is a huge achievement for me.

Katie, Exeter

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"Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners"

William Shakespeare

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